Website seems to load slower using custom domain than InfinityFree subdomain

Last try:
Go to cf dashboard > dns > change your ip proxy status to DNS only and re-test (check loading time)

Now the custom domain site loads faster.

BUT… it’s getting the InfinityFree’s ?i=1 check. Also all Cloudflare features gets disabled, except the DNS by doing this.

I’d rather having slower site than disabling Cloudflare proxy. Is there something I can do to make the custom domain loads faster without disabling Cloudflare proxy? Or does the slower load speed caused by the Cloudflare servers (maybe the location)?

Because cf is not applying any of your cf setting

I have no idea about this.

Yeah! it’s possible. but I didn’t face like this.

You can perform a speed test in cf dashboard>speed and see speed difference between cf and origin server

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However, the test location was in South Carolina, US, and I live on the other side of the earth. So my loading speed should be higher.

I think the cause of the slower loading speed of custom domain is because of higher ping.

Normally, (I think) it should be like these: My Location → UK (iFastNet Servers) → My Location

But with Cloudflare proxy enabled, (I think now) it be like these: My Location → US (Cloudflare Servers) → UK (iFastNet Servers) → US (Cloudflare Servers) → My Location


I have tested your site in gtmetrix and it’s good enough. No need to worry about speed. Enjoy…

Maybe I’m experiencing longer loading because of my location (higher latency). By the way, I live near Oceania.

I will suggest you one think that if you have any doubt then post this issue with all screenshot in cf community. Experts are there, they reply you asap.

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