Website not working


Can’t reach this page

My website seems not to be working. Can you help me?
I use cloudflare and nameservers are correctly set

It looks like your website has no A or AAAA records assigned from Cloudflare. That may be because your website IP went down. Can you provide the IP from your Client Area at

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Your IP is not down, so there’s nothing we can do here.
Why don’t you ask about this in the Cloudflare Community:

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Hey there!

Can you screenshot your records from Cloudflare? It looks like this error may be on our end, but I just want to make sure.


By the way when i try to access to it tells me ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR, while when i try with it tells me 403 Forbidden

It’s not working because you did not finish setting it up. You can remove the 3 records that are currently there, they won’t do anything.

Start at step #5 in the guide below


Thank you for providing me the link for this guide. Already added to my favorites tab, now my website seems working. Thanks again!


Glad to hear it!


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