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In my registrar, it says that my domain is active. M using Cloudflare in which there’s an A record setuped correctly as my website ip. But, when i go to my domain, or any subdomain of it, it says either that it’s DNS problem, or it says that check for typo in the domain. Everyhing is correct, still everything is down.

Pls help me

Did you follow this guide?


It was working afew days before, but today i got to know that its down.
A few days before also, it was working on cloudflare setup.
Its been a much months since i shifted to cloudflare, and everyting was fine until today

Working for me

What do you mean by “down”? What error are you getting?



Its been many months since i started using this service.
My domain has been added here since i created account herr

I think you are having the same issue as this person:

I would do this:


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