Website not working. Connection is not secure. Even after installing SSL


Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

Whenever I open my website from any browser and any device, I get the message: The connection is not secure. (Or something similar)

Other Information

Even though I have installed the SSL (Bought from, did the redirect to HTTPS step (editing the .htaccess file), and even have an SSL plugin installed which redirects everything to HTTPS connection, the problem persists.

It has been around 24 hours since I have installed the SSL.

The website was originally hosted elsewhere, but I have decided to move it to infinity free hosting, and I have added my own custom domain, then configured the SSL by uploading the private key and certificate.
I can see on the top it says my connection is not secure.

I have read lots of topics about similar issues here and understood the CA bundles issue. but still, the website doesn’t work on modern browsers like chrome.

Any help would be really appreciated.
Many thanks.

I think you haven’t setup your ssl yet.

Thanks for the reply.
But how come? I have uploaded the private key and certificate in the SSL page of cPanel.
Maybe I’m missing something?

Well, hows the SSL status of your site in clientarea?

Sorry, where do I find it?

Maybe the new domain is not working yet?
Edit: If so I would not see a secure connection error, but a URL cannot be reached error

@Nesty-Developer I can see some parts of your website is still using http not https. You need to fix it

If you are running Wordpress, you can use ““ssl-insecure-content-fixer””

Seem ur SSL cert is also invalid

Thanks for pointing that out, could this be the reason though? Since the ssl was working on the previous hosting.
Problem is I cannot log in to WordPress admin panel, does uploading that plugin folder alone would make it work?

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Thanks. I opened it and cannot see anything there. Is that specific to the Free SSL from infinity free?

It say invalid cert

Yeah that’s the problem. It was working on the previous host.

U need to install SSL cert on infinty as well

I did.
Uploaded the private key as well as the certificate

Ur cert is valid now. Just need to fix those insecure content…


Oh, it’s working now. Right. thank you again for pointing them out.

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You are welcome

Sorry for the trouble, but may I ask another question, I have some trouble getting 301 htaccess redirects work with really simple SSL plugin, does anybody have experience getting it to work? I added custom rewrite rules but the plugin says the test of redirect has failed.