Website not display

Hello sir. This is my domain (
My username is: if0_35204542

I setup my domain in new infinityfree hosting. I did all setting step by step . But sometimes my website display sometimes not. And the big problem is when I try to go to WordPress but I couldn’t. This is my WordPress link :

But the link not opening. How could solve the problem? Please help me.

No issue. As for

I see this


Did you do this?


If I will use ssl certificate to change https then WordPress admin login panel will show?



Hello sir
I use cloudflare ssl certificate now my domain is

But still WordPress admin url not open.

Need your help

When I check the wp-admin URL, I see an “Invalid SSL Certificate” error from Cloudflare.

Please make sure that both Cloudflare and your hosting account are setup as described in this article. That means having Cloudflare configured to use “Full” mode (NOT strict), and having a (self signed) SSL certificate active on your hosting account.


This is cloudflare DNS settings

There SSL certificate setting

Why website not open? Why is wrong?

Please also check:


How do I check it?

Go to SSL/TLS from the control panel, select your domain, and see if a private key and certificate are present there. It should look like this (obviously without the numbers :joy:):


There are only private keys. Infinityfree does not accept Cloudflare’s ssl certificate.

Repeating for the third time:

Please setup your site as instructed. If you only perform half of the steps, or try to make up your own, it may not work. If you want us to be able to help you, please follow the instructions we give you.


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