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FTP and website file manager is not accessible. Using the login credentials that I have used before doesn’t work. “Error. Too many login attempts. Please try again in 5 minutes.” The Filezilla app displays “Could not connect to server” error. Please help. I’m not sure how long this has been going on. But the last time I checked was June 20 of this year (2020).

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There’s already a topic that will help you about this. Please avoid posting before you read :slight_smile:
Website down. Server problems?

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Thanks for the quick reply. I have seen the post. I just find it strange that the other website account that have in InfinityFree is perfectly fine and working. While the other one is not. It may be related to the mentioned server problem but it remains to be seen in a day or two. If, and if, it would be resolved.

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There is a temporary issue in InfinityFree servers. Maybe your account is one of the accounts being migrated to new servers. Just wait.

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Ok, thanks. At least now, I know, there are some people working on the issue. Have a nice day!


Yes! We will just need to wait.

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