Website IP under attack

Websites on the IP address have been frequently unreachable.

How do I know I’m affected?

If your website is affected by this issue, your website will take a very long time to load, after which you will see some kind of Connection Timed Out error. In Google Chrome, this is indicated by the error code ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

Optionally, you can verify if your website is hosted at this IP address by following this guide:

What caused this issue?

This particular website IP address has been the target of DDoS attack. To prevent damage to the other websites on the same server, iFastNet was forced to temporarily disable all traffic to this IP address.

When will this issue be resolved?

iFastNet is monitoring the situation. The IP address will be brought back online as soon as the DDoS attacks have subsided. Unfortunately, we have no way to tell when this will be.


The problem still persist?

Thank you

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UPDATE: I moved your post here after we get the cause of why is .133 down

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Who is attaching the IP?

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Thank you @Oxy for taking charge and creating this topic!

We don’t know. It’s always hard to figure that out. The first D in DDoS is for Distributed, meaning the attack is coming from many sources at once. At some times, you can find certain networks or botnets to be the source of the attack, but then you still don’t know who actually set that botnet to attack our servers.


I am under too, my website is , please help Admin.

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:thinking: I hope the problem will be solved. Maybe you can transfer the down IP to another IP address
this website is also down.
is this IP also blocked?
is there any way to access my files?
because I cant access my ftp or the file manager to access them.

The person in this post says they are

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he is just a stupid person , ddos attacks willbe stopped once his money is depleted in ddos services.

Yeah, if you got suspended then just move to a new hosting provider. You didn’t have to ruin it for everyone on this IP Address (and have a big chance of going to jail or getting fined bad).

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What is even more stupid is he is posting a post talking about it. Like if you really want to DDos attack someone then keep it a secret.

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Tbh he will get arrested - that is illegal xd


The listed IP address is still down. We don’t know when it will be back up.

To respond to some of the messages here.

That IP address is the IP address of the FTP server. Please login to the client area and find the Website IP listed there.

This outage is only an attack on the website IP address. phpMyAdmin, FTP and the file manager are unaffected, so you can move your own website to another account (and therefore IP address) if you want to.

If you’re having problems accessing FTP or the file manager, please try the instructions from this guide Help, I cannot connect to FTP - Docs - InfinityFree Forum . If that doesn’t work, please create a new topic and describe the issue there.

Typically, an IP address isn’t down because the IP address is being attacked, but because a website on that IP address is the target of the attack (and all the other sites are just collateral damage). So moving all sites to another IP address would also move the attack target to the new IP address, meaning the attack moves to the new IP address too.

So all-in-all, moving to a different IP address probably doesn’t provide any benefit.

And when the attack does end, then people who use their own nameservers still need to manually update their DNS settings to the new IP address, so there is a clear downside to moving the IP.


“That IP address is the IP address of the FTP server. Please login to the client area and find the Website IP listed there.”
hear it is

“create a new topic and describe the issue there.”
I didn’t got any reply I did it 2 times.
the first time the post got deleted
and the second time
got a reply about my website but not the ftp or file manager.

I tryed the things the guide menschened
but it didn’t solve it

I migrated my site to different account but it is still not loading. My IP now is on
same site

My site IP also, it’s also down for 2-3 days

Please note that there is another pinned topic about that IP address: Website IPs and are down

Those are also down because of that outage.

I don’t know what you did, but it’s still on the same IP and (as far as I can tell) the same account.

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