Website files lost on my website ip

Website files lost on website IP

Please i want to know what happened

It was not my fault

  1. I want to know why this happened from your side

  2. I know it is a free hosting, but this not a reason to lost my files , i put a massive effort to build my site

  3. What is the situation now regarding my domain which i purchased from another domain provider, how to protect it ?

  4. How to solve this problem and restore my site again

  5. Files already still exist in the file manager, so how they were lost ?!!!

Hi. Welcome to the forum. The post here explains the problem

You should always make regular backups of your site as described in this FAQ

Your domain should not be effected if you purchased your own domain. All of those settings are stored on the server of the company you purchased the domain from… not on InfinityFree servers.

As far as restoring your files, the admin or someone from InfinityFree will have to take a look at your site on the server.


You saw that big orange banner.

Just read it and it answer all of your questions.

Also please don’t do multiposting.


I still not found a steps that i have to do to restore my site
Have i reinstall wordpress and put my files again ?
Have i make another ssl certificate?
What steps should i do ?

Cuz there’s no way unless you have backups.

But your site seems to be working for me.

Just reinstall and link your database by changing wp-config.php.

Just do what you did when you request your first certificate.


Site return to work . Thanks for your kind fast support in answers
Finally , please guide me to an article that helps me to protect against these situations ? Thanks again


Just take regular backups.


Okay thanks alot . Have a nice day :blush: :yellow_heart:


You too. :grin: