Website don't display some of the image files

my website don’t show/display some of the image files.

  1. checked my htdocs folder all files is there.
  2. index.html running on local disk is ok.
  3. ssl is integrating with infinityfree via cloudflare.

I see that some of your images return with an error code 508. @Oxy recently mentioned why:

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Why my account
was suspended. Reason is over the daily Entry Process Limits? What is this? Already 2nd time of this week. need to know why?


I don’t use PHP script/code in my html (html5 code) or css.
After i recovering from the 1st suspension, i re-use back my old index.html file which had used few months ago were working pecfectly. But this time that old index.html still unable to display all image files also. Then, I just click the refresh browser button few times my webiste was got in suspension (2nd time) coz of EP limits. From the graf above, there are no visitor and usages where the EP come from?

Do you have Cloudflare caching turned on for HTML and CSS? If not, enable it in page rules.

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It’s disabled. On cloudflare caching, there are few option there. Which one should I select?

  1. cache level…bypass /cache everything/standard
  2. origin cache control…on
  3. cache deception amor…on


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This cache setting is nothing help with me. I had other website with an exact the same problem since just now, yesterday was working fine. The image file can display one or two only. I think it to be suspended also soon if i don’t solve this issuse. Username are epiz_24861954 and epiz_24284562

Suspended again after a few hours (4th time in the weeks).
I had simplified and uploaded my index.html code with removed all the scripts, no css file linked and i don’t use PHP & WP.
That website (only one landing page) just content 2 images and few line texts. After uploaded, it working but then got suspended. Still cannot find the reason why.

Screenshot 2022-04-17 232312

I tried create new/support ticket on control panel when i click it bring back to home page. No responding can’t create.

We don’t use the support ticket system in the control panel, it just goes back to the client area. And you can only create a ticket from the client area if your account is “permanently” suspended for abuse. There isn’t much we can do for you if your account is reactivated automatically after 24 hours.

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