Website cache not clearing

My website is not working on my side but it’s working for @JavesPotato . I’ve cleared cache and I’m even using private mode.

Here’s what comes up:

Maybe it has to do with a network problem.

Try to clear DNS cache, or configure a faster DNS resolver, like, OpenDNS or Google Public DNS, on your device.


What’s your website link btw?

Steps I’ve taken:

  1. Cleared cache
  2. Flushed DNS using cmd: ipconfig/ flushdns
  3. Cleared Cloudflare cache
  4. Restarted computer

Still the same :frowning: Even tried Chrome’s Guest mode

Same thing with the phone too. Any suggestions?

Stuck like this for 3 hrs now. But it only doesn’t work for me.

looks like internet issue.

It’s working fine

you could try changing your DNS, like what @Ergastolator1 said or simply reinstall the WordPress.

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but it has nothing to do with DNS? :thinking:


Did you also tried to use a VPN?

All I could say is that this seems like a problem with your network in which you might try to contact your ISP.


Switch internet off then turn it on?

no, but use VPN?


Can you try to remove the domain and then add it again, also remove the Wordpress Installation with files or directory.

I’ll do it after I try @anon19508339 's method.

@anon19508339 's method worked! But the problem is still there when I disconnect VPN.

What should I do?


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You can try the TOR browser for different IP locations, like every time you will use or launch the browser, it will change your location. Or by using a proxy.

My internet service provider updates their TTL every 24hrs if I change nameservers (I think that’s what it is) so I’m going to have to use a VPN while that. Thanks guys.
P.S. How do I put multiple solutions on Infinityfree?