Website asking me to turn on Javascript and cookies

Why can’t I access my website on Lynx browser or with cookies disabled?

I tried using a blank page just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. But it turns out that even with a blank web page. I still get redirected to a page that comes out from nowhere that I didn’t add to my website. (I didn’t add any redirection code either ).

Specifically, where does this page full of script:

This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support

full of of script comes from?

I know it’s a redirection or an update because the browser had to do a reload. I didn’t add any of it to my website. I’m a novice programmer but I still find it strange that the system wants cookies and Javascript enabled to display a page that was working fine locally.

What you see is caused by this:


Thank you but do you know where I can find a free hosting service that doesn’t give my visitors a free virtual cookie?

Apparently, a browser that doesn’t accept free cookies from strangers or execute JavaScript is considered abnormal. :thinking:

Every modern web browser supports Javascript and cookies and can be used to access your website without any problems. Unless the visitor has specifically disabled Javascript or cookies in their browser, they can access your website without any problems. Almost all websites require cookies and Javascript to work correctly, so very few people will experience problems with this.

Lynx is a modern browser but it does not support JavaScript.

Umm… i did a quick google search and it appears to be a text-based web browser

The word “modern” here means a browser that most people use, e.g. chromium, firefox, and their forks


And what exactly is accepting cookies from “strangers” (You aknowledge it while entering a website) going to do to you?

With modern browsers, you do not have to worry much about your security (if your footprint matters then there should be an option to disable it on your browser) since the javascript runs inside a sandbox which means no unauthorized access to your device or even the content of cookies of other websites. Unless there is a vulnerability but it usually gets patched.


That’s because it is. 99.99% of everyone browsing the web uses Chrome, Firefox, Safari or their forks. The vast majority of websites will not work properly without Javascript, and some will outright refuse to let you in if you don’t. And that’s because they don’t test for this situation because it’s extremely rare.

I’m well aware that there are legitimate reasons to disable Javascript and cookies, like situations with extremely high security and privacy needs. But those who do are well aware of how they are limiting their browsing experience.

Lynx is the oldest web browser still being maintained, and the most recent version was released 5 years ago. It’s also fully text and terminal based. I don’t see any way in which it could be considered “modern”.

Lynx to me is a fun gimmick with no practical use case.

And we’re not going to change how our service works to accommodate such an esoteric project.


I have multiple news websites that I use but don’t allow them to store cookies on the browser so they don’t track me around the website and after reading more than 2 articles don’t block me unless I pay or disable adblockers.

So there are good reasons not to accept cookies from some websites (I bet they woudn’t be so generous if they were real ones).

For JavaScript, I don’t have a real issue with a website that requires it to run. After all, nowadays a lot of websites are applications.

That’s a problem that can also be solved by clearing cookies regularly. No need to block them entirely.


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