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when enter on website transfer to this page

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today i added new domine and transfer my web site to new folder and when i try to login transfer me to old domine and i did go to wordpress settings and to linkes and change old domin with domin link and from that time everything not working and me did anther thamething delete and relink all information to new domin like database

Please see the reason for suspension in the client area.


no reason found i need to know when i set new domain should wait 72H maybe this reason


when i see the topic should wait 72H
that yes or no ?


Sorry, the site is not suspended, I just made an assumption based on your post, and the fact that I was tired.

Looking at it now, it appears that the IP your account is on is acting a little strangely (A timeout message is received before the usual empty response message).

Also, your domain shows the ‘No Sponsors’ page for me once I dismiss the SSL warning, which makes me think it may be an issue with the provisioning system.

If you want, you can continue to wait out the 72 hours and see if it works after that. You an also try clearing your DNS cache, or changing to a different DNS server (Like CloudFlare).

Otherwise, you can try removing the domain from your account, and adding it back in again. That would reset the system and hopefully help the domain work properly a few hours after that. Note that if you do this, your root path will change from htdocs to social-sharks-adv.site/htdocs, so you will have to move your files accordingly.


till now after 72 H not working show issue
might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Your site is redirecting me to socialsharks.great-site.net, a redirect which seems to fail because socialsharks.great-site.net seems to no longer exist on an InfinityFree account.

If you were using a script, you’ll need to update your configuration with your new URL. If not, check if there are any .htaccess rules inside your htdocs folder that cause this redirect.


i checked but no found any redirect

That’s because the redirect is not caused by a specific Redirect, but rather by your WordPress site.

When I try to open your .site domain with the Network tab open in my browser’s developer tools, I see that your .site domain is sending a Permanent Redirect (301) code that redirects to your old great-site.net domain. Along with a response header X-Redirect-By: WordPress.

To fix this, you’ll need to update the URL of your website in WordPress.


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