Want a community guide for something?

Hello all,
We asked Admin for a separate category for community guides, and he wants some more tutorials.
And I have no idea on what to write next, so put your suggestion and I will try to write one. interested to contribute?
Contact me via email in my Bio.

(Request for Admin to remove auto close timer in this thread)
EDIt-thanks BD for removing the timer


OwO . No ideas in my brain too :sweat_smile:


And also I liked @anon12237952 's Flarum Installation and Let’s collaborate on that?


Sure you can use it☺️


I had a Yandex tutorial which I need to rewrite as the page got deleted due to a redesign:


Done. Category is added.

Any existing community guides can be moved in there.

I didn’t move your Yandex tutorial there, @TigerMANEK426. The community guides category is for actual guides, not links to guides. Any guides posted here should be hosted on here too.


Please let us know before posting a guide. :+1:


intresting story about that account
so, i created this account, but i switched accounts w/out realising, and thought… oh no, my acc is gone.
I want to delete sirepiclydeveloper2

just so that, someone will not work on that.

idk which one you use rn, so I had to ping both :joy:

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yeah, last use of @anon53753884 was 3 months ago. october 19th 2020

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i am gonna make a community guide about how to link statuspage.com to a custom domain for free

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Oh noes, I just use UptimeRobot yesterday :woman_facepalming:

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wait what?
how the heck?
idts it is possible tho.

yes, its ez

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uptimerobot is just b#######, try hetrixtools, 1 minute checks and you can also use custom domain

im testing it rn

Lets get it bois :+1:

   .-''         '.               
  /     .-''"'-.  `.             
 /     /________\   \            
 |                  |.--------.  
 \    .-------------'|____    |  
  \    '-.____...---.    /   /   
   `.             .'   .'   /    
     `''-...... -'    /    /___  
                     |         | 

I mean, 5 min checks is dumb, 1 min checks will track accurately…

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