Yandex Tutorial

As (most) of us know, Email Accounts are disabled on Free Hosting, because the system was unstable and would have broken itself sooner or later.

We all want custom Email Accounts for our domain, so that is why I took the time to make this tutorial on how to setup Yandex Mail with Custom Domain Email Accounts.

Tutorial Link:
Password for Tutorial: InfinityFree2020

I would love to know what you think of this tutorial!


Thank you for spending your efforts creating the tutorial! :kissing_heart:

I have a suggestion, if you can spare some more time, how about writing some advance tutorial about setting up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC for Yandex as well?

Because, I think, at least without SPF and DKIM, the email might end up in spam (or worst case, outright refused by receiver’s email service).

As personal experience, in the setting of Yandex, they only require to set DKIM. After sometime, I heard of SPF, I had to google to know how to set Yandex’s SPF. And only until recently, I learnt about DMARC. And google again to know how to set it up.

And, hope that it’s not too much out of topic, just a question, does anybody have problem with Captcha during registration?

I already have my own account, so I’m good. But I can’t register for my friend. Clear cache, clear cookies, try different machines (desktop, laptop, mobile), different network (home, work, internet cafe, mobile, VPN). Nothing work. Either “wrong Captcha”, or if with phone number: “SMS limit”.


I never have problems with captcha, and yes, I agree, SPF and DKIM Are so important, and Nice article!


Nice article @TigerMANEK426 0w0


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