Very slow loading times


I’ve been developing a website :

But it takes a long time to load

I’d like to know what causes this issue to occur or if it can be solved soon.

and what is the average load time for infinityfree hosting

Thank you.

You are using Wordpress so this is expected. You may want to remove any unused or unneeded plugins and/or themes.

My personal website hosted here loads in less than one second.





I mean, those images are huge!

And watch the image size (And text color) on the about page


i’m an artist so i need to have images on my website . is there anyway to reduce the image size

Try Upload your images and it will make them smaller, then you can upload them to your Wordpress dashboard.

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i only have 4 plugins , and one theme . are you using something other than wordpress for your website ? how did you manage to make your load time less than one second ?

I personally do not use Wordpress, I don’t like it.
Can you list which plugins and themes you have? Thanks.

theme is astra . plugins elementor , WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache , P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) , Akismet Anti-Spam

Cache and performance plugins generally tend to make sites slower here because our servers don’t have the backend appropriate for them.


Remove these two. Also, since you don’t have a forum or a comment section, remove the last one as well.

For your website, you don’t really need WordPress (Custom HTML/CSS would be almost 600% faster), so if you are interested, custom coding is something worth looking into.

To make up for the reduced security, I would recommend using Cloudflare.


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