Very often Suspended

Hello i have a big Problem.

My Board is every Day suspended.
ep overuse Suspended. then Free and only 45Min later again suspended cpu overuse.
And this every day…

What is ep and cpu overuse exactly?
I don´t understand what this is…
Please say in easy words what this is.

fceu_17727143 is the name

And again.
Only 2h online and again suspended…

Hello @Furrytale.

What forum script are you using? Do you have any plugins/add-ons installed?

And is your hosting account REALLY getting suspended, or it is simply shut-down for some time because of CPU over-use?

If it is suspended all the time, then symptoms of suspension would be no cPanel icons and you would have to send support ticket to get your account unsuspended all the time.

By what you said, it sounds like this happens to you like every hour, but are you really getting suspended or the problem is something else, because I doubt that all the time you are sending support ticket to get your account unsuspended.

So in one sentence, are you really getting suspended or you are having another problem?

Also, you said there is CPU over-use. Maybe the forum software that you are using is too heavy or you have installed alot of add-ons or more unlikely version is that cracker could have installed malicious, resource-eating script.

Please tell me name of board script that you are using, how frequently is it visited and could you please give me link to it too?

Have a nice day,


Hello Mike,

it´s a phpBB Forum with not many Add ons.
Add ons are only
Ajax Shoutbox
Top Poster
and a little other Add on. I can´t see it now. You know… Suspended

And it is real Suspended, but i never writes a support ticket. It is 24h Suspended. Then is the Server back and after a short time (1 time 45minutes, last time 2 hours,…) is it again 24h suspended.
And the Suspended Mail means ep overuse or cpu overuse.

And i don´t understand what with ep and cpu overuse means.
Hits are never over the Limit, and we are not many People. And what is this for a Limit that is it full after only 45 Min?

And what we see in the short time online. The Server is slower @ the last week. They loads not all. Sometimes no Avatar Pic and so on.

I also look @ FTP in all Folders, but i don´t find a crap File with exploding Space.
So i have no Idea whats wrong. :frowning:

Are you REALLY suspended?

From my knowledge suspensions do not go away by theirself after 24 hours. Why do you think that you are suspended, does it show a error message or something like that?

When you are suspended do you see in cPanel icons/modules like domains, add-on domains, file manager and others.

However I think that it is simply resource over-use 1 day suspension which happens when your daily hit limit or CPU goes full.

Could I please have link to your forum and could I also please know how active your forum on daily basis is?


Long story short, your website takes too much processor power. When you hit the processing power limits, your account will be suspended for 24 hours. However, if this happens very often, it simply means that your website consumes too much processing power. If that’s the case, the best choice would be to upgrade your account to XVHOST, because you’ll get far more processor power there.

We use two different metrics to measure CPU usage. We track the number of CPU seconds you use, displayed as CPU limit, and the number of entry processes, abbreviated as EP.

The number of CPU seconds is the number of seconds you are consuming one full processor core to calculate the pages on your website. This is scaled to how much of the processor you use, so 1 second of 20% core usage is 0.2 CPU seconds. This mostly has to do with how much work needs to be done to render a specific page.

Entry processes are the number of PHP processes which are created to render your website. Simply put: every time a request is received for a PHP page, a new process is created for your user. This is what’s known as an Entry Process. The number of entry processes has to do with the number of page views your website receives.


In your plugins list, I see you’re using an Ajax Shoutbox. Does that plugin updates posts in real time? If so, that’s considered a chat script, which are prohibited because they consume so much server power. Can you please try to disable that addon and check if that prevents your account from being suspended?

yes really suspended and it works that the suspended is after 24h gone but it comes a new suspended after short time.
In CPanel i see nothing only the time left there is suspended.
I become a e-mail that it´s 24h suspended and after 24h that it´s reactivated.
And the Browseradress only works in the short time with no suspendend.
In the Suspended time allways only this:

Thanks for the ep and cpu information.

With disable the Shoutbox i can try this. But i have only a short time. If i´m not online in the sleeptime when it´s reactivated i have no time to change something. Because new suspended. But i try it :wink:

I disable the Shoutbox but after ~12h again suspended.

btw yesterday the site was suspended but in the middle of the suspended time i became a e-mail with cpu or ep warning (over 50%). But it was still suspended

@ Administrator
I have a Question.

To upgrade Premium i allways see 2 Hosters. first xvhost and many often (suspended site shows me and in cppanel premium shows me) ifastnet
What is the right Hoster to upgrade Premium?

And is then no Day Limits???

And the second Question is there a way that not the Siteowner upgrade to Premium? But a Sponsor pay the upgrade? (no ask for a Sponsor, we have allready have one) But what must he do to upgrade our Account.

I hope you understand my English xD

Hello @Furrytale.

XVHost is our official Premium host, but iFastNet hosting is only sponsored hosting. I would say you could give a try to XVHost :). It is working very well. And if you meant day limits - daily hits limits then, yes… there are no daily hit limits. In overall iNode count is heavily increased and server performance is more powerfull, for example CPU is stronger which could resolve your forum problem.

There are more features on Premium hosting too. So if you would like to upgrade then give a try to InfinityFree. You won’t regret it :).


With Day Limits i mean cpu and specielle the ep Limit
This ep Limit is the most Problem for our Suspended.

The Hits Limit with 50000 we never break the highest Hits was 20000