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I want to use my own domain email address for my infinityfree account.

Currently domain registrar just forwards all emails that are sent to my domain to my gmail account, but in the future I could set up my own mail server or use another service.

When I signed up to infinityfree I was able to get the initial verification email to my domain, but after that I get this error unless I change it to my gmail account directly.

Transient Bounce (General): 5.7.1 failed smtp; 554 5.7.1 <____>: Relay access denied

I don’t know anything about SMTP so I don’t understand why it would have worked the first time and then never again?

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InfinityFree doesn’t give you email access right out of the box sadly… To use emails with your domain, you need to use a third party software. I am using yandex for my domain.

Check this:


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@Casmat, please use bold text instead of caps. Can’t make it seam like you are yelling. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply but that wasn’t really what I was asking (well sort of was, but it wasn’t the main question)

My domain registrar offers email forwarding and it works, I can send emails to my domain and they arrive in my gmail account.

The first verification email from infinityfree arrived, but all the subsequent ones don’t arrive (control panel shows the error message I pasted above). I want to know whether I can do anything about it without trying to sign up to a new email service like you suggested.

The error message shows the error message our mail server receives when trying to deliver email to the mail server of your domain name.

I can’t say for sure since you didn’t provide a domain or email address, but the domains on your account I checked all don’t have an MX record configured.

If you want to use the email forwarding from your domain provider, you should look up the MX records in the DNS management tools of your domain provider and set in on your domain in our control panel. That way, you can host your website and DNS with us and your email with your domain provider.


Thanks Admin but I still can’t get it to work.

To clarify, I am trying to change my main infinityfree account email here Login to your account - InfinityFree

My domain registrar is namecheap. I think that because I had to change my DNS servers to epizy to verify ownership of my domains, that removed the MX records.

Namecheap seems to want me to use their own DNS servers in order to use their email service, so I have changed my domains back and added ALIAS records as per Docs - InfinityFree Forum

I added the namecheap MX records to my epizy cpanel as well, not sure if this is necessary (also can I delete the record?)

But I am still getting the error

Transient Bounce (General): 5.7.1 failed smtp; 554 5.7.1 <____>: Relay access denied

I can send emails to my domains from other addresses so not sure why infinityfree still doesn’t like it? Do I need to wait 3 days to make sure it has propagated?

Maybe… don’t really know… Did you make show all details are correct?

Is this forced, or do you have the option to add MX records instead?

Yes I can add custom MX records, but there is no point since infinity free does not offer email on the free plan.

To use namecheap’s email forwarding I have to choose this option specifically in namecheap, this will point the MX to namecheap automatically. Doing that manually doesn’t work.

Anyway the problem is semi-solved - when I changed the DNS server from namecheap to epizy (to verify my domains here), it deleted the MX records from namecheap. This is why infinity free was able to verify my domain email when I first signed up, but not after I set up the hosting.

I have now reinstated the MX records by changing my DNS server back to namecheap, but it appears that infinity free’s email server hasn’t updated it for my first domain. I used my other domain and infinity free has managed to send an email there now.

Thanks everyone for pointing me in the direction to learn more about DNS :smiley:


I would recommend using our nameservers, not Namecheap’s. But both can work if configured correctly, and it’s configured correctly if you point the IP of the main website to us and set the MX records to the mail servers of Namecheap.

That’s mostly true.

In general, every DNS provider has their own set of records for your domain. We provision default DNS settings for the services we provide, and Namecheap provisions default DNS settings for the services they provide. So if you change nameservers, typically all DNS records are lost unless you setup the records on the new provider to match yourself.

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Yes, I understand that now, the issue is that namecheap doesn’t allow it. If you manually set the MX to the namecheap server rather than setting up redirection in the namecheap control panel, it seems to just silently discard emails

If I move to a new registrar (which won’t happen for a while because I paid namecheap until 2025) or set up my own email service or upgrade to a paid plan here, then I would use the epizy nameservers.

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