Various system issues (DNS, SSL, FTP, etc.) starting May 15

It’s solved ASAP. It can take anywhere from an hour to a few days. I don’t know the root cause or what needs to be done to fix it.


Hi but I didn’t understand what the problem was with infinityfree, by chance the growth of sites and that some are down right? P.S: My site is Online it didn’t work the account creation

I heard some noise about the platform being at capacity already, which caused some other recent issues. This may have been an attempt to fix it which didn’t go so well.

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Will you guys be posting on here when the servers are up and running again? Hopefully you guys can solve the issue soon! Because I use Dreamweaver and everytime I try to connect it says there is an FTP error

By what time FTP Error will be solved ?

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This is the error message I am getting, is this from the FTP servers being down right now?

see this.

its been 1 hour after it so should we have to wait for few days now ?

yep, the FTP servers are down right now, iFastNet is working on it
here is a quote from the original post by admin


no one really knows, you just need to wait.

ok thanks

do the admins usually post on forums when servers are back up and running again? sorry new to the forums page

idk, pretty sure they do
this post is now useless. see the quote below:

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I try to do so. But iFastNet is responsible for fixing it and they tend to not be very proactive in their communication. So my announcement may come some time after the issue was actually fixed.


alright good to know! thank you so much!

Well I’m here to ask issue related to that case, but well it seems like is the issue for many. It’s been morethan 12 hoursnow. Hoping things will get back to normal. Keep up with the good work Admin and the team.

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iFastNet is fixing this. InfinityFree doesn’t really have control over this.


im praying it gets up and going ASAP, my assignment is due in less than 24 hours and i need to upload it haha i know they are working hard to get it fixed! I am just glad to know it isn’t just an issue I was having glad to know i am not the only one lol

20 Minutes ago the FTP account connects but gives error of connection now out of time

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strange, now it times out?
edit: yes, it does.

it probably is a good sign. i guess it might mean the people at iFN are fixing the issue by restarting the servers. (i didn’t make this a new post because the forum says i need to wait 19 hours to make a new one and also because it’s related to this one)