Various PHP extensions missing on PHP 8.1

Various PHP extensions missing on PHP 8.1

As we’ve announced on Monday, we are currently busy rolling out PHP 8.1 on free hosting.

However, we just encountered that various PHP extensions appear to not have been set up correctly on PHP 8.1. The missing extensions appear to be the following:

  • GD
  • GMP
  • INTL
  • IonCube
  • OpenSSL
  • ZIP

Which components are affected by this issue

All websites on servers that have already been upgraded to PHP 8.1 may be affected by this issue. Functions provided by these modules are not available on these sites, which may result in some functionality not working on some sites.

What issues may you see

If you try to use a function of a module that does not exist, you will see an error like Call to undefined function .... If you do not have display errors enabled, you will see an HTTP ERROR 500 page.

The extension_loaded() function will also return false for the missing extensions, which some libraries may use to check for missing dependencies, and show their own error messages.

When will this issue be resolved

We are doing our best to get these issues resolved as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough details to tell how soon that will be.

What can you do to fix this

At this time, there are no known workarounds.

We are aware of the issue and are doing our best to get this resolved as soon as possible.

I completely understand that this may cause confusion and you will have additional questions. I am happy to provide any information I have to help you.

However, to keep the contents of this topic clean, clear and concise, I ask that you carefully read the Outage Communication Rules before posting.

In a nutshell:

  • Please keep the posts about the outage in this topic, and all posts not about this outage outside of this topic.
  • Please post relevant questions only that have not been answered yet. It may be compelling to ask obvious questions like “when will this be fixed”, but basic information like that will be put in this message as soon as we know it.
  • Please carefully check the known symptoms and affected components.
    • If you are on the affected components, you are almost certainly affected by the outage. If so, please refrain from simply stating you are affected, it does not help get your service back up faster.
    • If you are not on the affected components but do experience all of the symptoms, please say so below so we can check if our list is incomplete.
    • If you do not experience all listed issues and are not on the components that are known to be affected, the issue you are experiencing is most likely not related to this outage. If so, please create a new topic in the Hosting Support category and describe the issue there.
  • If you say you are affected by the outage, please always include your website URL. I can’t check if you are affected by the outage if you don’t say which of your websites is affected.

Posts that do not follow these rules may be deleted without warning. This is to help ensure that all the relevant information is easily available to everyone reading this topic.


Hi everyone, I’m Andrés, a hosting user. Like many of you, I have experienced issues with the PHP 8.1 update and the lack of some important extensions such as GD, INTL, and OpenSSL. While the hosting experts are working to resolve this issue, here are some solutions that I have found helpful:

  1. Use a previous version of PHP while the issue is being resolved.
  2. Use alternative plugins that do not depend on the missing extensions.

I hope this information is helpful and I look forward to the issues being resolved soon. Let’s stay positive and collaborative during this troubleshooting process. Thank you!

Hello, my name is Lucas, I am a hosting user.

Today all my suspended websites appeared, is it due to this PHP change?

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Just to let everyone know: there is no way to choose PHP versions on free hosting. Not relying on the missing extensions may be an option, but it’s likely that there is no alternative way to create the same functionality.

No, it isn’t.

If your account is suspended, then please check the client area for more information. And if it says to create a ticket for more information, then please create a ticket for more information.

But just to let you know: you are allowed to have three free hosting accounts per person, and resale of our hosting is not allowed. If you need hosting accounts for your own clients, please purchase a reseller hosting account instead.


will any website still currently on php version 7.4.8 remain on this version number until such time that the issues with version 8.x.x have all been resolved?


That’s correct. iFastNet is currently working to prepare a new build of PHP 8.1 that includes the missing extensions. This will first be rolled out to the servers currently on PHP 8.1 to add their missing extensions and verify everything works. When we’re sure everything is complete, the remaining PHP 7.4 servers will be upgraded to PHP 8.1.

Unfortunately, I don’t know when exactly this will be finished.


ok thanks for confirming

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