Used InfinityFree's SSL certificate tool to implement certificate's details, but still having issues

any testing website gtmetrix or return an SSL cert error.

Analysis Error
An error occurred fetching the page: HTTPS error: certificate verify failed
There may be a connectivity issue between your server and the GTmetrix test server. Please login to try testing from another test location or try again later.


Your website is loading correctly over HTTPS for me, so you can ignore what the automated tools are telling you.


Likely due to this


Unfortunately, as mentioned by @KangJL GTmetrix will not work with SSL on InfinityFree, as they require the intermediate chain certificates to be installed.


It doesn’t work with Google’s either, unfortunately…

I don’t know what the reason for that is, but I don’t think it’s related to either the SSL support InfinityFree covers or the platform in general, as I tested the tool with a WP installation on my subdomain and it worked fine.


You may need find the way to complete the certificate’s key chain.
Can upgrade to premium hosting.

On Windows’s browser client, zero ssl is good chained thought. Or can make android tv app. It will auto double marking key chain though, just an experiences.

@EdwinTigor, please check the OPs website, and the previous replies, before you reply. The issue has already been solved.

Additionally, as already mentioned, SSL checkers don’t work well here, and there is no need to complete the chain since it is already setup correctly. Premium hosting is not going to change a thing (Besides allowing you to use automated SSL checkers).

And I honestly don’t understand how an Android TV app is going to fix an issue with an automated SSL checker.


As i read his website content has a speed crash to zero ssl.
i meant to get fast if You have speed crash, You can make android tv app level, or Windows app, or maybe apple tv to distributed your app without speed crashing issue. : just an experience issue.

Or You can complete your cert chain by upgrade to premium hosting.

I saw for 2nd loading his website is running fine.

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