Upload database


Ive been trying to update my website using the all in one migration. i’m stuck at “done restoring database” which is the last step towards success window. I have a large file of almost 1gb. I’m i stuck because theres an upload file limit by my hosting provider? Is there anything the support team can help? Thanks.


Thank you. So i decided to go the premium way but after payment on the ifastnet my infinityfree account is not yet updated on the premium. ever time i click the go premium link i keep redirected to ifastnet to sign up and buy(yet another premium?) why cant the two just sync automatically?

I’m begining not to understand inifnityfree, and not liking it.

Perhaps you should read this


Premium hosting is offered by iFastNet, not InfinityFree. Once you buy a premium account from iFastNet, tour account data can be transferred over to your new account.


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