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I have an issue on my website and the issue is that the website is “unstable”. I started the website and installed ssl certificate more than 48 hours ago.

I loaded up my website in a normal window mode then it loads up. When I try it on Firefox/Waterfox and all browsers that have Private Window, it says an issue related to cannot provide secure connection. It does not work (shows Great-Site .net) even I type HTTP instead. Randomly on some ISPs it works and randomly stop working. I have one ISP that my site works for 24 hours or so but stop working even in Incognito mode and Normal mode.

It either shows the Great-Site .net or the Secure Connection issue. Even a database error on Wordpress appears randomly. By the way, my SSL provider was the built-in Zero SSL.

Basically, even Jetpack reports random issues of downtime on the website. Some measurement tools reports my site as HTTPS 500, as far as I can remember.

Please, I need help.

By the way, another observation, Jetpack site connection sometimes fails.

Another observation on the TOR Network in Netherlands connection I guess, the site works. By the way, the target reach and the country I am now from is Philippines.

For starters, please don’t spam topics with @Admin replies. This is a community support forum, not my personal inbox, and I’m not a dog you can whistle over whenever you want to. I disabled @-notifications for myself specifically because people like you were abusing it.

As for the issue itself, I’m not aware of any issues.

When you say the site is “not working”, what do you see? Just the SSL errors? Or other issues too?


Okay, sorry for that mentions. Anyways, I discovered that my site does not complete propagate its sub domain (so that’s why it is unstable) within 72 hours. How many hours do it will take to completely propagate?

I guess that wordpress jetpack shows error on the site connection because on their server my site is sometimes disappearing due to that uncomplete propoagation. Its 72 hours right now and according to some tools it is uncompletely propagated.

I would wait until tomorrow and see what happens. Sometimes it can take longer than normal.

Also, we don’t really recommend that people use JetPack here because it contains unnecessary code, and uses a lot of resources. Most of its functions (The ones that are good anyways) have other plugins that are better suited for limited server environments.


Working fine for me

No issue for me


Fine right now. But something really, really weird. My site works. A record is okay but CNAME is not.

Have a look: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

This is the expected behaviour.
What did you set?

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Just basically added/removed plugins in WordPress. Done some tweaks on design
Never modified CNAME but modified SSL.

This is normal. We setup subdomains with A records, not CNAME records. So if you query our nameservers for a CNAME record, you’ll get no results, because there is no CNAME record.

If you want to verify the CNAME record set up for SSL, you can do so by checking the full CNAME DNS name. So that could be _acme-challenge.tmacpowerstore.great-site.net, or something else, depending on the SSL vendor you chose.


Thank You and everything is stable.

Just detected a downtime but just on Canada and India. Also the tool uses ping, so maybe the ping was rejected.

Speaking of the downtime it is just 8 minutes. But the American (N,S,W,E), Japan, Singapore servers reported 100%uptime.

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To Admin,
Is it possible to use CloudFlare on Infinity Free with Free subdomain and WordPress? Maybe it can help my site to be much faster.

Yes, with custom domain.


You can get a custom domain at Freenom, for free! Plus, your URL will become shorter!

No. You need a custom domain


This post was deleted, because I changed my mind on this matter. I do not want to change my URL anymore

Please do not mark it other members of this community, I need just to mention the @Admin just once, due to some issues on WordPress that needs to be passed to the admin of this site.

PHP modules perform most of the tasks on the server that make your site run. Any changes to these must be made by your server administrator.

The WordPress Hosting Team maintains a list of those modules, both recommended and required, in the team handbook (opens in a new tab).

  • Warning The optional module, imagick, is not installed, or has been disabled.

My question now, is that I can’t find the option to enable those PHP Modules.