Unknown Redirection Occur!

I found a bug in Free Hosting system of infinityfree.
My website hosted on infinityfree → namanvrati.epizy.com
I just have made a plain page right now, saying hello.

Now the real issue comes in:
Looks great and fine. Yet, in it’s error sub path, it redirects you to an unknown website:

Like click here and see the magic.
It will go to a parked page, and I have not done anything, just made a simple index.html website saying Hello.

The magic is, all the websites hosted on InfinityFree can’t access /errors/* slug in whatsoever domain name or anything. Everything is just inaccesible.
So, @Admin is advices to take a look here.

Lol that’s really amazing. Nice bug!

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I have checked with 2 domains, Hosted on different reseller accounts;
cu.hn.fyi/errors (Cu.hn.fyi)
cms.netn.ga/errors (Cu.hn.fyi)
ngh.rf.gd/errors (InfinityFree)

Then I checked @anon19508339’s Website,

All these work, and show the website’s custom 404 pages, I think this might be a custom .htaccess, What does your .htaccess? Because I can see your using custom 404 & 403.

There was something on redit: Reddit - Dive into anything

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No bro, see this is applicable for all the domains, not only mine domain.
See my first post again.
Like see: namanvrati.cf/errors/

Here it redirects. Normal htaccess nothing new.

Edit: I scanned for other websites on, They don’t have the same issue.

Wait wait wait. Did you say this redirect happens when you add /errors at end of your site url?

Just wanted to say errors folder name is malfunctioning in this server. Likes files named con in windows


Ohhhh, I completly forgot about that.

@HaydenANG See my first post again.
I said /errors/* not /errors
The trailing slash matters!

Now see this:
bayodino.epizy.com/errors/ redirects.
cu.hn.fyi/errors/ redirects.

And all other domains you mentioned redirects.

Basically /errors works fine, but /errors/ doesn’t.

Ok yeah, I created the /errors folder and I get it. Also /errors and /errors/ both are bad

Also doesn’t make a difference

I had found it very before and still not seem to be fixed unless you have agenda on it as f :upside_down_face:

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From my side, in bayodino’s website, /errors works fine, but /errors/ doesn’t,


Yes exactly. Something is malfunctioning.

So, this is server side issue.
I never post trash post here. I post means that is serious xD
Kidding, don’t mind.

Yeah, Sorry :smile: I had a caching issue :slight_smile: on my side, I get it aswell, I’ll have a look into it.

Yup @Admin, you might need to see, if you can do anything, I guess.
Basically, I want /errors/ under my control, not a parked domain.

Apparently it is purposeful;

 The /errors/ folder is the default errors pages, what you see is normal. Please use a different folder name for the errors folder for it to work.

Yes same thing they replied to me.

To get money anyway they can, They need funding afterall !

So basically, it doesn’t matter over htaccess or anything.
/errors/ == iFastNet control.
You don’t have any permissions for that directory under any domain.

It’s acceptable for non-existing sub domains even. But this is weird, our sub-directory also hijacked. xD Kiding.

I REMEMBERED WHY! The same way you don’t see aes.js in FTP but it exists in our websites (used for security system) and even creating one via Ftp won’t change its content.
Same thing goes for /errors/ folder as well.


Yeah, They inject it in Nginx. I do the same in apache2 with my AntiDDoS script.