Unknown Redirection Occur!

Oh! Is this a old bug?


Seriously, we don’t know whatever it is a feature or not.

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Yeah, I don’t think it’s a feature.
But I guess this happens over the whole network, then HOW Suspected phishing site | Cloudflare work?
Amazing! He did something awesome in his htaccess.
Or his website is hosted on his own VPS. Maybe.


Infinityfree shows 403 error atleast, it doesn’t redirects.
Amazing, can @Admin share this secret?

It’s his VPS (afaik). I don’t see why you’re being that Sarcastic.

infinityfree.net is NOT hosted on MOFH network, The _test cookie is absent and the HTTP version is 2 not 1.1

Yup. infinityfree.net is hosted somewhere else, because MOFH limits 50K views and infinityfree is very popular, so it might exceed daily.

Also, forums may be hosted there too, I guess.

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So what, this is our trouble only.
I don’t think that there is any solution.

Overwriten at server level, If you don’t want to look unprofessional, Just delete the directory, or have a /error directory, Either works.


If you really have agenda on it, contact MOFH then. That’s the solution instead of just having agentda on your says

Try this:

So, the errors folder is preventing someone to view its index file. It may also be used purposely just to redirect users to ad page. The /errors/404/ on any site seems to be functioning as it was and do not redirect to any page which means the error folder is hidden but some files are accessible to the public.


Hmm. so only /errors/ wont work right?


So @allroundernaman Still having agenda to fix that ehich i believe it won’t happen? Or just rename errors folder to error to fix it in 1 minute?

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Yeah, Plus it’s their rights to have a redirection, they can do anything they want on their servers.


So any solution or we should just give up because it is their right?

Give up. Stop turning a small issue which can be solved with easy renaming into a major issue, which has an empty inside.

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(Maybe)Best Possible Solution: Rename the folder and files and make sure the filenames are not reserved by the system