Unable to setup my domain Properly

I have added my new domain to an existing hosting account using the Addon Domains feature. Before adding the domain, I changed the nameservers and then added the domain. After that, I copied the files from the old domain and placed them in the folder of the new domain. However, when I open the new domain, it redirects to the old domain. What should I do? Does anyone have a solution? Please help!

Hindi nahin maalum!
Aapka solution chakiye phele English bath karo!
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Hello, remember that this is an English-speaking forum. Translation from Hindi:

Please share your old and new domain names first. It could be a script configuration redirecting to the old address. Or you added as a parked domain?


Done…Translated in English…i was in hurry…thats y typed in Hindi…

I’ve changed my Domain in Infinityfree,But not Deleted Old One Till Now…multiple questions swirling in my mind thats why…

1. I can see the CNAME record for the old domain, but I can’t find any CNAME record for the newly added and activated domain in my hosting ACC. How can I generate the CNAME record for the new domain?"…please help me in details & locations of everytrhing step by step,if possible include screenshots

2. After Changing old domain to new Domain…how many settings i’ve to check…Tell me in details & location & with Screenshot pls…so i can double check all the settings if not done.

3. Which SSL certificate Should i use ? in previous domain i was using which is given in my hosting Account…now i want to use cloudfare because i purchased my custom domain…now which one is good…The SSL facility for 3 Months which is provided in Account or Cloud fare ?

Thanks…Waiting for Kind & Accurate Reply…

What CNAME record are you talking about?

If you want to obtain an SSL certificate for the new domain, please place an order for the new certificate. A CNAME record to use will be generated when you place the order.

On our hosting: nothing. Your website on the other hand may require some settings to work on the new domain. As for what to configure where, that depends entirely on your site.

For example, if you use WordPress, you need to do this:

But if you use something other than WordPress, the steps may be completely different.

If you intend to use Cloudflare, my recommendation is to set it up like this:


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