Unable to route on refresh ,external source http://gyanloknews.in/#/news/MTk%3D



Apllication built in Angular 11

Hi @gyanlok,
Admin has already informed about server issues and more in the pinned message in the forums. Please refer to this link: Various system issues (DNS, SSL, FTP, etc.) starting May 15 regarding server issues etc. Hope this helps. More issues are coming so please be patient as this gonna upgrade your website’s speed and service.

it is not related to above

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I agree, it doesn’t seem related to the outages. Thank you for recognizing that an outage having occurred automatically means that any issues experienced by anyone must be a consequence of that outage.

As for the issue itself, what I see is that the first time I navigate to http://gyanloknews.in/#/news/MTk%3D, it redirects to the dashboard page, but if I then enter the same URL again I do go to the page.

So I think the issue is caused by this system:

The security system should preserve the original URL, but it only retains the path and query string. The anchor links which Angular and some other Javascript frameworks use are apparently not covered.

Perhaps Angular has a way to not have the hash in the URL? A quick Google search shows me this result:


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