Unable to remove redirect (Solved)

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You don’t have permission to access /panel/indexpl.php on this server
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I am logged into cpanel and trying to remove a redirect but get this message. (Message is above)
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Can you please make sure that your site permission set correctly in ftp?

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how do I do that? Also my domain isn’t a custom domain it’s a subdomain from infinityfree

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I helped you in Dm hope it solves

Why DM? :thinking:

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Cause i mostly help people in dm when i am not sure about the problem

Well, there’ll be sort of people having same issue and trying to find their solution in other topics, that’s why i’m against DM helping unless it’s really private :slight_smile:
You shouldn’t be ashamed about whatever you answer or will be correct or not, i even make mistakes sometimes.


ok i just said him to delete the .htaccess file in Htdocs as redirect domain in panel
gave 403


If possible, please keep the discussion public whenever you can. That way, it’s possible for others to chip in and provide new insight, respond to further questions when you’re not online and of course provide knowledge which other people with similar issues can learn from as well.


Also it is better not to encourage users to get support through PM because someone could use it against them.
Many times I have seen how new users think that some of the regular members are admins or staff
and with such new users is very easy to manipulate and ask them for passwords and other sensitive data through PM communication.

Or they may simply run into some unethical person
who would recommend them some action that would erase everything irretrievably and similar.

So it is better to stick to public communications (at least for newcomers).


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