Unable to change redirects

what has broken to cause this issue recently,
I setup a number of redirects recently when I setup my custom domain

went back to edit some recently, got the other error, left it for a few weeks, then went as far as deleting and recreating the domain account, but still unable to create/delete/change redirects.

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Well,I can’t figure out your problem and this old problem may be different of yours.So can you please create a new topic.
And censoring your domain will not help us solve your issue.

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You can just delete the redirects by editing the .htaccess file in the htdocs folder of the domain. All the redirects tool does is create some .htaccess rules.

If you want me to look into specific redirects on a specific domain and account being broken, can you please be specific about what you would like me to look at?


thanks for that,

domain is resistance.nz
before deletion and recreation, auckland.resistance.nz redirected to akre.co.nz

currently using external name servers, but that was changed during earlier troubleshootering,

im happy directly working with redirects, thats a great work around.

I just checked some things on your account, and I didn’t see any redirects for auckland.resistance.nz. I could also add and remove a redirect to akre.co.nz without any problems.

it was on the now deleted subaccount, thanks for checking, I think I just stick to manual redirects, to avoid getting frustrated, with future errors,

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