Unable to park a new domain to my website

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bobthecow.us is already assigned to an account and in use on another account…
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i bought the bobthecow.us domain on namecheap and connected it to my infinityfree account. i tried to park it to my free subdomain i had before, bobthecow.rf.gd, but i got this error. please help!
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note that i just bought this domain and i never had it on another account before.

for me its seems to be working

well yes, i have the domain connected to my account, but i need to park the domain onto my other one, so that they both have the same files.


im sorry im not fully understanding what you are trying to achieve

im trying to use the parked domains feature in the control panel but i et the error message when i try to do it.

if you’re trying to park a domain onto two accounts then I dont think thats possible

again im not sure what you’re trying to do

if you want to park the domain onto another account then remove it from the original account first

its possible accordin to this: Two domains to be on same directory

the link you provided is about parking two diffent domains onto the same web hosting account and yes that is possible

maybe I didnt understand what you were trying to do, I thought you were trying to point the same domain to two different accounts. sorry

you should be able to add the the 2nd domain to your account with addon (parked) domains


Which domain is this? The .us domain?

Yes. I have both connected but I only recently connected the .us domain. The .rf.gd one is a free subsomain I got when I first got my hosting account.

Well that’s the trouble because I get the error message when I try to do that.

can you post some screenshots of the errors, thanks

Sure, here:

That’s probably where your issue is. You can’t connect the same domain to the account twice. I am assuming you added it to the Addon domains section, so delete it from there.

Once it’s deleted, add it to the parked domains section.


It worked! Thanks so much! So it will take a few hours before the website shows up on the domain?

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