Two domains to be on same directory &

I’d like to know of it’s possible to have both to be pointing to same website directory. Don’t want separate root. I want both to be same website

both and should take me to whatever is on at the moment.

How can I do that with free account? is having no content and no ssl certificate please issue one.

Sorry, you can’t do that here from what I know. But you can upload same files for both websites in their respective root folder. If you make use of a database, connect to the same database fir bith websites.


Yep, it’s possible.

First, add “” to your account. After you added it, open the “Parked Domains” section of the control panel and select “” from the dropdown. Then, add the domain “”. Both domains will now use the same files.


Thank you. That’s perfect and exactly what I wanted. Worked instantly!!


Glad to hear it!

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