Unable to login to my WordPress Website admin panel

Hi there!!!

I am very surprised to see my website: homeinterior.epizy.com. All designs have gone all of sudden. Moreover, it does not let me login to the admin panel. When i go to : homeinterior.epizy.com/wp-admin. It shows me the login page but when i enter the User name and password. it bounces back and display the same website instead of the dashboard of my website.

I need urgent help from everyone. Please let me know if there is another way to login to my website admin panel through infinityfree cpanel.

Thank you in advance!!!


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Everyone is facing this issue, so I guess we all have to wait. Hopefully (I’m kind of uncertain myself), everything will be restored. Check here:


@Technical.Legendz is right here
My site same issue and @Technical.Legendz has same issue (like mine)
So the solution is be patient

Are you able to login to your website admin panel?

No, I also have data loss.

i was hoping they return the sites back…

My post llinked here has been spectacularly taken out of context… The thread was acutally started a month ago, but yes, we are under attack again today, and have been for the last hour… Our problem is nothing to do with Wordpress, as we do not use it… I did not add my thread here, and my advice, would be to just ignore it…


Wordpress or Joomla, it’s a cookie issue according to @HaydenANG.

I do not think it’s a cookies issue.

I purchased few domain names from godaddy and created those websites earlier on wordpress and they are all working fine. It’s just with infinityfree domain name and websites. I know infinity free team must be working on this issue. Hoping good from infinity free.

There is current server side issues, i am not sure if they are fixed or not, all i know is there are some issues

I am facing the same issue with the Wordpress Site
Hope the problem will be solved quickly

I guess everyone is facing the same problem. Let’s hope the problem is solved soon.

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My 3 sites have returned back to normal and wp-admin is working again, but there is minor data loss and my sites are slower than usual. But I guess it’s nothing major.


So, everyone and everything are working fine and good now!


Finally, it started working fine again. Thanks to InfinityFree Team!!!

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Yep, All sites are working again!!!

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