All Sites Faulty


I hope all is well.

Here I am, doing my utmost to run a non - profit organisation, and literally in the last ten minutes, all of our sites with you guys have gone down… I can’t open the backend, I can’t open the site…

I am just so glad that we are not paying you for this service… Ah well, these things are what they are… Hopefully you will restore all the free plans soon…

Best Wishes,


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What do you mean by it’s gone? suspended? receiving an error? or do you mean the database error?

We are just getting a white screen on all of them… They will be fine in due course… Obstruction like this for free hosting on here is not uncommon…

My advice, just find something else to do for a few hours that doesn’t involve upgrading to a paid plan, and come back later… Shame though, as we have important work to do here…

Looks like a short sharp shock check, my backend is back open now (ooh err missis lol) so back to work for me. everyone should try their sites now, my guess, is they will be fine…

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I think it’s a technical error which can for sure occur. Not any hosting give 100% uptime. Infinityfree provides 99.99% server uptime gurantee because sometimes technical errors occurs which need time to be fixed. So, it’s better to wait for errors to get fixed rather than just blaming hosting company. You can’t really stop the occurence of technical errors.


@PaulNewman I.e if really it is very important work to you then you shouldn’t host it on any free hosting.
Purpose of free hosting is about to host testing sites, small non-important sites etc…
and not important works/bussiness sites, which will delay when there’s an outage.

If you’re a person with hosting experiences, you should just wait till it fixes instead of blaming people or counting it as shame.

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As a non - voluntary based community organisation,. we simply do not have the budget to pay for things that if left alone, work just as well free as they do if you pay for them…

It’s helpful to know your CMS. Joomla? WordPress? Do you even use a CMS?

Please describe your issue to the largest extent you can, that way we can help you, follow what @Technical.Legendz has said, and give us some form of detail


Welcome to the real world, where everything isn’t ‘free’.




Same issue has started happening with my website.
Suddenly all my plugins gone deactivated without any cause. Also I am not able to login now.
When I login, it reloads the page or redirects me to homepage, without logged in. Now basically I can login my wordpress site now. :frowning:

We use Joomla here, it’s just the white screen of death, it comes from time to time, usually at peak times of the day… We have been working on it for the last two days with no problem, so we have had a good run… It actually whited out half way through saving an article this time though, so that will be lost, but I’m sure our volunteers will get over the disappointment, it’s not the first time it has happened to them with sites hosted here, and it certianly won’t be the last… We are currently experiencing another request to upgrade from a free plan at this very time, courtesy of another white screen… Like I said, these things are what they are… The only thing that will stop them is us paying them, is it an ethical way of doing business?? I will leave that for others to judge, we are just here to deliver as much social gain to the world as possible and judge nobody…


A few people appear to be having this issue.

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Yes exactly.
There is some fault from iFastnet.

Go to and they have rebranded. I believe it was due to a cookie _test with values enabling certain access.

I have asked support from iFastNet and they told me reinstall wordpress. I don’t think this is the solution.

Yes, there is a big problem. I got multiple problems on my 3 sites, so your not alone.

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I’m getting in touch with them now someone did say that they released a bug fix in the MOFH man website

Same. I have problems in multiple websites too.