All Sites Faulty

It’s stopping us from accessing our backend as well, one minute it was fine / the next nothing, a switch has been flicked… like I said, it’s not uncommon, we are at the mercy of some people who clearly think we should be paying them… Like I said, we’ll just send all our volunteers home early, find something else to do that doesn’t involve us upgrading for a few hours / days, and they will back off us soon, and target some other poor soul… It’s a shame, but like I said, it’s a far from uncommon practice here…

I will just be patient and come back in a few days, and encourage everyone experiencing these sort of tactics to do the same… It’s still under attack, so for now folks, it’s goodbye from me, I only popped in to see if anybody else was experiencing the same thing, they are, there’s not much else we can do until they back off…

Take care everybody…

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I have given them the final statement and they said they are resolving and have not responded from 15 minutes.

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Yeh, the midweek persuader is in full effect today, everybody seems to be getting one haha…

Right now I have seen this, time to go and find something else to do until they find someone desperate enough to pay them, all the best everyone…

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I guess I’m not the only one having this issue. Can’t access and open anything at all. All I can do is wait.

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Me too. This is a service issue across iFastNet. Means all the myownfreehost companies have been affected.

exactly the same as us. Brutal…

Bro, 3 month of progress for me is gone. All of my websites :sob:

Can you just trying migration to another infinityfree account before saying goodbye?

I’m sorry for that bro… sounds bad

I had found a way to set cookie through discord.js and hotlink image from it on October, maybe they’re fixing cookie issues?

Same. They told me to reinstall wordpress. Now I guess how can I reinstall without backup.
This is just like hell. My hard too gone.

Yes, the _test cookie is absent on all webpages

they’ll be back, you just need to be patient… Oh and start backing up your sites (when they let you, I have had no end of problems doing that as well)…

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So how it is affecting the sites?

The cookie absense may have been pulled from sites, but wordpress may not like that, as i say and you say, IFastNet don’t seem keen to respond to me.

we are not going anywhere, these are par for the course, little efforts to draw money out of free plans like this, we just ride them out… In no way are we leaving…

This happens every once in a while I’m already used to it :sweat_smile: I have checked my account and it’s still there so that means my site is still fine even though I can’t access now I’m sure it will go up in a few hours.

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Have you found any way to fix fatal error issue?

Why tf i didn’t report that before…

lol xD