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Hi everyone.
I should load the pages of my static site. But every time I try to upload the files automatically disappear as if they are deleted. maybe because the page files are about 1.8 megabytes each? Is it possible to increase the size of the files I can upload? my static site weighs in total about 35 Mb.

I wanted to clarify that I upload with filezilla correctly. In fact if I upload smaller files everything is ok

Sounds like due to this


Hi! Are you uploading the files individually or are you sending it in a zip file to the server? And where are you sending the files exactly (what folder?)

the files are uploaded individually to the htdocs folder

Hi! What types of files are you uploading? HTML, JS, CSS type files?

it would seem clear!! it is not possible to upload files larger than 1 Mb

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I have to upload html files

As you probably know by now, any files above the size of 1MB that is a php or HTML file are not allowed.
Here are some fixes you can try to implement. Found from the KB:

  • If you have a large amount of CSS and Javascript code in the file, consider moving this code to separate files and linking them from the same page. This will also help speed up your website, because separate CSS and Javascript files can be cached more effectively.
  • If the HTML page contains a lot of data to be displayed to visitors, you may be able to move this data to separate text files or a MySQL or SQLite database which can be queried from PHP.
  • If the file contains a lot of PHP code, you may be able to move some of this code to separate files, and use PHP include or require directives to combine the code in a single process. This also makes it easier to reuse code across multiple pages, and generally makes it easier to read and understand.
  • If the file contains a lot of HTML code, you can also use PHP include or require directives to combine multiple HTML files, like headers and footers, into a single page. However, note that having a very large HTML page means it may be very slow to load for people and use a lot of bandwidth, which is bad for (mobile) users. So you may also wish to consider to restructure your website so spread the content over multiple, specific pages.

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