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I’m facing an issue while importing template using a ‘Starter Templates’ plugin on my WordPress installation.

Related article says it might be server error and asks me to reach out to the server administration/hosting provider to fix this issue.

Can you please take a look. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank You!

Saleem Basha Khaleel

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If you search Starter Templates in this forum, you’ll see many people having the same issue:


Unfortunately, “it might be a server issue” doesn’t exactly give us a lot to go on and “reach out to the hosting provider” is a cheap way to throw their poor error handling over the fence.

I don’t know what causes this issue or how to fix it. I don’t know Starter Templates and I don’t know what the “it might be a server issue” issue is.

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Maybe it is same like this:

I’m quite sure it’s the same issue, but I still don’t know what causes the issue.

I just tried to install Astra and import a starter template, but I didn’t get any issue like this. It all worked as it should.

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