Unable to activate Google email via InfinityFree

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

epiz_33774523 (walkerguy.com)

Error Message

Your MX records didn’t match. You’ll need to delete and add the missing records below. (from Google Workspace)

Other Information

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It looks like the MX records are set and its good here: https://dns.google/resolve?name=walkerguy.com&type=MX

But email is still not working. It has only been less than an hour since MX records update though.

Would it be better to try to just use my registrar nameservers and create my MX records on my registar and point the @ and CNAME records to Infinity Free? This is how I had it back on GoDaddy and Weebly and today I am moving to NameCheap and InfinityFree. Thanks in advance for assistance.

Probably. I’ve always found MX record support in free hosting to be spotty.

That won’t work, you need to use A records.

Use a “www” A record pointing to “”
Use a “@” A record pointing to “”


Thanks for the post. I was about to start setting that up and the MX records must have propagated, because its working again. I am not enthused by your saying it could be “spotty” though, is it going to be best to probably just have NameCheap host my DNS records regardless? Also, slightly related, why does I.F. push using it’s nameservers so much?

Once you get it setup and working, it won’t cause you any issues. The reason I called it “spotty” is because I have noticed some instances where a new MX record won’t show up at all, even after multiple days. It is entirely possible that that bug has been fixed.

Personally, I would recommend that you use Cloudflare for additional protection and stuff instead. It’s totally up to you what nameservers you use though since you have a custom domain.

Because of the way the system is setup, you have to set epizy.com nameservers in order to connect your domain to your hosting account. So its just easier and a lot less confusing if we just say “use our nameservers” instead of “Set our nameservers to add your domain to your account, then its up to you if you want to change them back somewhere else again. But if you change them to something else, you need to set the appropriate A records.”


I believe this is possible.
CNAME needs to point to main domain of hosting account


Thanks @Greenreader9

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