Ultimate Premium vs VPS Server

What is the main difference between Ultimate Premium & VPS Server?
and how to know which is applicable for my website? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello there,

Well iFastNet’s Ultimate Premium plan is a shared hosting plan meaning you’re sharing CPU, RAM and other related server resources with other websites while a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is like a dedicated server but not really since you won’t own the whole server unlike a dedicated server, with VPS you are provided with more access with the servers like you have SSH access and for the server resources, I think you’ll have your own small partition that is dedicated for your site only.

Well Shared Hosting is good enough for Blogs, Static Sites, Simple Forums and VPS is good when your site is starting to get many traffic and uses too much server resources.


Ultimated premium is still a Shared hosting:

Shared hosting means sharing a server and its resources with other sites. That’s bandwidth, storage… the lot. VPS hosting creates a virtual environment that imitates a dedicated server (where you get a server , and all its resources, to yourself), but within a shared hosting environment.


Thank you for your response :slight_smile: with that can you also help me with this issue thank :slight_smile:

The advantage of VPS hosting is that you get full root access to the server, meaning you can configure the server in whatever way you want, including installing different operating systems, control panels, web servers and program runtimes. The disadvantage is that you’re also responsible for maintaining all of that software. If your website returns an error or Apache won’t start anymore, it’s your server so it’s your responsibility to fix that.

So there are two questions you should ask yourself:

  • Which features does my website need and are these features included in the web hosting package?
  • Am I comfortable managing my own server, either from knowledge/experience or the willingness to learn (and make mistakes)?

Thank you @Admin :slight_smile:

@Admin can you help me with this one? Thanks :slight_smile:

What “this one” do you mean? The domain search issue?

No, I can’t help you. Like others have already explained perfectly well: you need to ask iFastNet about that. I have no access to the premium hosting infrastructure, I can’t fix or bypass their order process.


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