Apply for Premium with existing local domain

How can I apply for Premium using my own domain :
Thank you :slight_smile:

Just when you order premium select I will use my existing domain name and I will update nameservers

I have tried that but I receive this error

Try asking iFastNet about this via their support page:

I’m not sure if the error is because it’s a domain which is affiliated with the Philippine’s private (not sure) or governmental public educational institutions, just try asking their support they should be able to help you out.


Seems like ifastnet won’t or can’t support that kind of domain extension ( Feel free to contact ifastnet so that they can help you with the issue.


I’m currently using on my free account and I’m planning to avail for Ultimate Premium. But as I choose use existing domain and input it does not allow me. How can I be able to avail Ultimate Premium using Thank you :slight_smile:

This is the same problem that you’ve posted as a post earlier. Did you already contacted ifastnet support? I’m pretty sure they can help you with that.


I merged your topics about the domain issue.

Nobody here can help you with this. If you want to place an order with iFastNet, but iFastNet’s order system doesn’t let you add your domain name, then you need to contact iFastNet about this.

This is the InfinityFree forum. We are not iFastNet. Nobody here can help you. You need to contact iFastNet about this.


That domain name might not be in their system due to which it is not considered as correct domain name. Goto they can help you setup your account with your domain by doing process manually.

OK Thank you :slight_smile:

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