Two functions are disabled and not working any more

Dear Sir,
I am facing a problem with two functions in my php code as they where working before yesterday i detected a bug through my code, the two functions are:

  1. set_time_limit
  2. openssl_encrypt

Thank you for your support

Please don’t PM people here with support requests. Those should be public.


Please don’t create duplicate topics either.

You don’t have access to PHP.ini settings here. Please upgrade to premium for PHP.ini support.

Alternatively, you can tell us what you are trying to do and we can help you find an alternative.


The set_time_limit function is disabled on our hosting. The maximum execution time on free hosting is 60 seconds, and you cannot increase this.

The openssl_encrypt function is available though. What problems are you having using it?


I am using the following code
$simple_string = ‘mypassword’;
$ciphering = “camellia-256-cbc”;
$options = 0;
$encryption_iv = ‘123456789101123’;
$encryption_key = “GeeksforGeeks”;
$hash_password = openssl_encrypt($simple_string, $ciphering, $encryption_key, $options, $encryption_iv);
to create an encrypted password to be used in locking excel sheet with phpspreadsheet code
it was working fine till today. Also, i have found another problem in using the load function in phpspreadsheet it is not loading the excel sheet any more
I have enabled PHP directives for my domain but I only get blank page

Maybe it has something to do with the recent upgrade to PHP 8.1

Or the syntax has changed in a newer version, so your code is deprecated.

Can you tell us which version of PHP you have?
make a php file with this content
<?php phpinfo();

and have you tried AES 256 ( and does it work?)


my PHP is upgraded up to 8.1 I think this explain these bugs.
I have searched for any new syntax for openssl_encrypt under PHP 8.1 but with no luck. Also, I have already upgraded the phpspreadsheet in order to solve the excel load function with no luck

Hope to support me with any solutions or clues to solve these problems


I checked the issue and it seems that the OpenSSL extension is missing entirely from PHP 8.1, meaning any openssl_* functions are not available. iFastNet needs to add these missing extensions. I’m sorry to say that there is nothing you can do right now to fix this.


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