Trouble with permissions apparently?

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What to do about these ???

A scheduled event has failed Performance

The scheduled event, googlesitekit_cron_update_remote_features, failed to run. Your site still works, but this may indicate that scheduling posts or automated updates may not work as intended.

The REST API encountered an unexpected result Performance

The REST API is one way that WordPress and other applications communicate with the server. For example, the block editor screen relies on the REST API to display and save your posts and pages.

When testing the REST API, an unexpected result was returned:

REST API Endpoint:
REST API Response: (403) Forbidden

You should use a persistent object cache Performance

A persistent object cache makes your site’s database more efficient, resulting in faster load times because WordPress can retrieve your site’s content and settings much more quickly.

Your hosting provider can tell you if a persistent object cache can be enabled on your site. Your host appears to support the following object caching services: APCu.

also this Your site could not complete a loopback request Performance

Loopback requests are used to run scheduled events, and are also used by the built-in editors for themes and plugins to verify code stability.

The loopback request returned an unexpected http status code, 403, it was not possible to determine if this will prevent features from working as expected.

Unable to detect the presence of page cache Performance

Unable to detect page cache due to possible loopback request problem. Please verify that the loopback request test is passing. Error: Forbidden (Code: http_403)

Page cache enhances the speed and performance of your site by saving and serving static pages instead of calling for a page every time a user visits.

Page cache is detected by looking for an active page cache plugin as well as making three requests to the homepage and looking for one or more of the following HTTP client caching response headers:

cache-control, expires, age, last-modified, etag, x-cache-enabled, x-cache-disabled, x-srcache-store-status, x-srcache-fetch-status.

I replied to a very similar post a few days ago:

Also, this error is even documented in our knowledge base:

Did you read these already and see if they answer your questions?


Hi, welcome to the forum @ferkofurik. Admin already responded to your issue so I removed my previous post. Sorry for any confusion.

I have the same issue regarding the REST api error, but I don’t understand… does infinityfree simply not support the REST API?

Please check the article mentioned above by Admin:

The relevant section:


I’ve read that but I don’t quite understand it…
So basically I have to use CloudFlare to bypass the security measures?
And how do I set it up…?

Sorry if I sound annoying but I’m new to hosting websites and don’t understand everything yet

Last time I checked, this didn’t help, because Cloudflare only solves the issue for external systems trying to interact with the API, not internal requests.

However, some things have changes internally that may make this no longer hold true. So it may be worth a shot.

Like so:


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