Transfer Domain to another Hosting Company


I have one domain under this account and need to transfer it to another host.

Where do I get the Authorization Code to provide to the new hosting company?

What? IF is not a domain registrar. Free subdomains cannot be transferred. You should contact your domain registrar for more help.

I transferred it from Godaddy to Infinity Free to host a Wordpress website.

Then the site was suspended for some unknown reason.

I moved it to another hosting site and need an Authorization Code.

How can you even transfer it? You should only change the namservers. Pls, ask GoDaddy for the authorization code.

You did not transfer it, so only allowed IF to access it. GoDaddy still owns your domain, so please log in to your GoDaddy account and request the code from them.

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Compulsory relevant KB article:

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