Top level domain name problem


Error Message

The main domain name can’t display the content normally. It seems that it hasn’t been resolved for three days

Hello there,

May we know where you got this error message?

Also can you provide as your domain? So we can check your site on our end.


not message ,that is the,the question is 3 days more.

I’ve looked up your domain for nameservers and it doesn’t look like it’s set properly.

Can you please verify that you’ve set up the nameservers properly to:

Can you also send a screenshot of your configuration?

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Maybe there’s a bug? Can you try deleting the nameservers and adding them again? Maybe it should force the registrar to change the nameservers.

It may be possible that it’s taking longer for yours to propagate.

This KB article may be helpful so kindly check it out:

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i know.i already read the article .but the www. domain is correct,the main domain still 3 days for long time .why ? How to solve it。

Hello, it seems you have a bigger issue than just your name servers. Your sub-domain is now working, but you do not have it assigned to a InfinityFree account. If this is a InfinityFree subdomain, try deleting it and are-adding it. If this subdomain comes from a different company, you will have to add it to an account by clicking the “create and account” button after logining into Select “custom domain” and enter your domain name.
Hope this helps!



I don’t know what you’re talking about. It has nothing to do with my problem!

I think DNS only parses WWW, not @ resolution, so it is the default IP [ ]

That so your problem though. Your domain is not attached to a hosting account! You need to attach your domain to a hosting account before you can use it and add files to it! Please add your domain to a hosting account, and let us know if you have any other issues.

Congrats! It’s working. Now you just need to add your sites files!

what are you speak?the subdomain is have not builded .if you don’t known,please slient.
You make me more confused!

Any reason for using this cname record?
That might be the issue that is not showing contents whereas is.

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i don’t know.I didn’t set it up.

If you did not set it up, you will need to speak to the person who did so they can help you, or at least give you more information. As @MAHOfficial said, you have a weird CNAME record in your DNS settings that may need to be removed/chaged. Also, your subdomain seams to not be attached to an InfinityFree account.

DNS set to After the request, I didn’t set the domain name resolution permission. Where did I check this CNAME? How to delete?

Are you trying to use Cloudflare with your domain?

Your domain is pointing to our nameservers, but it appears the DNS records have gotten corrupted.

Did you try using our Cloudflare integration before? If so, please enable Cloudflare through our control panel and then disable it again. That should fix the DNS records.

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