This site cannot be accessed

That problem happened to me with my main page for two weeks and today I decided to relaunch the page so that it no longer has that problem and by the way change the domain, but oh surprise there we go again with the error, I have to be unlucky that always This happened to me, I know it’s a server problem but because it happened so early, I mean I set up the page a few hours ago, even the previous one for that to happen to me, it took about 2 months or so I think

my main page is

And the second is

Working fine:

IP is down (, this should be fixed soon

And don’t mix nameservers:


The problem is that the page can work very well for a while but then it crashes out of nowhere and could you explain me about the names of the servers that I don’t know much about, currently or at least for me it’s down but if it’s okay

Well I cannot trubleshoot something I cannot see. What happens just before it crashes, I really to doubt that it is ‘random’

Basically, you don’t want to have two different sets of nameservers (byet an epizy). But this could be something with freenom, and since they are all free hosting NS, you can just ignore this.

Yes, the former is working and the latter is down


I hope the page doesn’t crash again because I’m going crazy xd and if I’m using freenoom, the page is a university project but in a certain way I’m taking it more seriously but I don’t want to spend money and thanks for the advice bro, take your advice about nameservers and well if whatever it is that makes the page inaccessible for a while isn’t random what do you think it is? is on the IP address which, as you can see in the big banner at the top of the page, is having problems. For more information, please read the announcement.


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