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Hey folks,
Just tried to go to my site and the wordpress admin log in to do wome work on it and all of a sudden I’m getting above message on the page. I ran the Windows Network Diagnostics but that found nothing at all.

Any advice on this please? All help greatly appreciated.

Dis you do this?


Hi. Yes the certificate was installed and I used that Easy SSL plugin that was suggested. All was working fine until today when I tried to access for the first time for the day. I have reactivaed the Cloudflare thing on the domain just in case that is bringing about the error. I am hoping it was that but then I’m not as that would undo all work done to get the emails working. :confused: Having a nightmare of a day today. Anyways, still cannot view my site or get to WordPress admin log in.

Please show proof.

You want to mess up your hosting account (MX record etc) by using CloudFlare in VPanel?

I’m guessing this shows that one is installed. If you can remember I had trouble with the ssl a while back and your good self helped me get it set up with the mentioned plugin on wordpress. I am not technical minded with this stuff and all of this is a learning curve. I only reactivate the Cloudflare thing as it was the last thing I did yesterday and then had problems today.

Running fine now

Try not to use CloudFlare integration in VPanel

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Thank you. I still cannot access for some reason. Gonna clear cookies and cache to see if that clears that bit up. Yesterday when I disabled Cloudflare I started having the problems so I don’t want to disable again and have this happen again. So I really don’t know what to do about all this. I need emails for my business but with Cloudflare being a problem with that and disabling Cloudflare being a problem with access to the site and backend. :confused:

Follow this guide if you need to use CloudFlare. Else the issues will never end


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