This is really weird
Okay, so i did like this. Install WordPress 5.5 from Softaculous, login to WP admin, and go to Plugins page.

The error is only on Plugins page. Main admin page working normally.
Still, why? Just. Why?
Culprit is on class-wp-plugins-list-table.php file. And while checking that file in my other hosting’s wordpress install, seems like my recent install here on IF incomplete.
yup, that file is incomplete. while…

On the other host, it’s complete and working fine.
Long live, 000webhost. You’re the best, IF is just n00b.

First of all, Why then you’re hosting with us while you’re with 000webhost and saying this hosting is noob? Nobody forces you to.
Second: It happens when you refresh the page while installing WP or a sudden server hiccup, reinstalling from Softaculous might do a trick.


Do you want any help? Or are you just here to complain and insult?


…or maybe you are?


Bayo, while installing wp, first it says “there’s invalid characters in username” even I didn’t put any. Second try, it installed. But going to plugin page, error. One more, I choose to install Loginizer plugin while installing. Is that a problem?

Complain and insult actually

Yeah I was noob. I’m sorry? I don’t know if you guys getting anger on me :confused:

Install it after installing is done?


Wth is going on here?
If you need help, you need to cooperate with our community. No one is perfect, and yes, everyone is noob in the starting. Non-sense talks.
We keep finding mistakes in ourselves as well as our projects, so to keep them building up and making great.

If you have tried reinstalling like @anon19508339 told, I am sure it would work.
If you just want to insult us or the community, then remember no one will be ever willing to help you.
These are free servers, not the premium servers.

Moreover, I have tried hundreds of free hosting services and I personally found IF to be the best.




Is popularity matters? Also my experience using 000webhost, i have less difficulties to deal with.

Ah fine. well first one thing:


Try it yourself, it’s easy, you just need to copy the code, its style (css) and js files in your website (.html) and really IT WILL WORK!

And I am not starting a battle, well yes, everyone has their own opinions. Just wanted to demonstrate that by coding nothing is impossible.
Tomorrow I can also open a hosting company and code like 000webhost to impress people. I AM NOT SAYING that they are displaying false information, but the information is done by coding and not at all real, I mean not updating real time.

Also IF has a static site, they have 350,000 static number. Understand the difference.

Also do what ever you want. You are free to do in InfinityFree as well as 000webhost.

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Yeah! less difficulties, 1 hour downtime daily + there advertising on your main site :slight_smile:



LOL. Don’t you think that a battle is going on here now?

Somehow, Battle of opinions.

umm. So stop it na!

So, what is your intention?

After you complained & insulted IF, you hope IF will close their business hosting?
Of course they won’t, right?

Or you hope all of user in here will move to 000WebHost?
How much you have been paid by them?

Every people have their own preference.
If you like apple, don’t force someone to like apple, too.
Same with me. I don’t like pineapple, but I don’t force someone to dislike pineapple, too.

Haha… I really hate service that force to inject their own ads to my site. :joy:

This is my opinion about 000WebHost:

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Same goes with me lol

Please do note that the counters may not show the same metric. We could also say “we’re providing services to over 2 million people” and not be strictly lying, but we choose to not display abandoned profiles. At these numbers, I’m quite sure 000webhost does include abandoned profiles.

And then they have the benefit of being in the business for much longer than InfinityFree has been, so they would have accumulated more abandoned registrations.

That doesn’t change the fact 000webhost is probably bigger than InfinityFree. But I am quite sure that the different is not as big as these numbers would imply.

There are also plenty of people here who used 000webhost before and had a lot of issues with them.

Some people prefer one service over another. That’s usually a combination of personal preference, required features and just plain luck.


Which apple are we talking about? The fruit or company? I like the company, but hate the fruit.

It all depends on a your needs. It may not be good one, but it may be good for another.

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Didn’t know pineapple is a company. xd