This is really weird

haha correct!

right click > block element :grinning:

it’s not happening on me. and where did you know about that?

For every single visitor, it just looks unprofessional to keep having to do such, so your saying, you would rather go with a lower end hosting system, who force ads.

Also, What I found:

000webhost did experience a data breach in 2015, in which hackers gained access to users’ passwords, email addresses, IP addresses, and more.

I found some more downsides:

1: Sql restarts every 12 hours
2: Much DDOS attacks (no-lifers doing it, f**k them.)
5: 5mb file size limit on FTP, 2mb on file manager. (could be more, but w/e)
-my page is offline since over two hours because it’s under review…
-they add code to my html output :frowning:
6000 file limit (I dont think having many files afect the server, what if you use a bulleting board or cms, then you can´t use this host)

Shall I remind about the limits?

Monthly transfer: 3,000MB
Learner storage: 300MB
Inodes: 10,000
MySQL Tables: 100
MySQL Size: 1GB

What about the fact that if you don’t recieve enough visitors your site gets ‘archived’ then deleted.

Aparently, they believe the servers run at 10mb/s
Feel free to view a large list of complaints from the 000webhost’s forum:



I wouldn’t said it if I never try it.
I have tried 000WebHost a long time ago (with fake account+disposable email) to view their real feature.

You can check this thread:

(if that hasn’t been changed)
or this review: Home - WPChill

The only additional restriction on the free plan is that your site will “sleep” for one hour per day. During this time, your website won’t be available to the public.
But here’s the good news :
You can choose which hour your site sleeps. So you can pick a time when 99% of your audience is asleep to avoid inconveniencing any of your visitors.

After I googled, it seems that has been changed like this:

Is this true?

The only reasons I leave from there:

Number of Websites 1
Domain Parking :x:
Subdomains :x:
Parked Domains :x:
Addon Domains :x:

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‘You can have your website sleeping or mining cryptocurrencies for 1 hour’



" Weird Things are Happening Around the World. "

Works for the one who do it. (Browser side only).
Also, if you use some sort of JS to hide advertising then your account might get suspended.

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Why even forcing ADS? I mean do they earn less through other methods?

Forcing ads to force user to upgrade :slight_smile:

That is what I mean, but i wonder that without it they won’t earn at all? there’re already limits that can be unlocked with upgrading.

Yes, but having powered by somecompany and ads on your site by other company is kinda annoying so user will surely upgrade because of that limit.

not move to another hosting? :slight_smile:

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New users who won’t have much knowledge might not prefer that


Did you know…
Believe it or not, there is also something called Pear Inc! They make pear shaped phones!

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