"This domain name is not registered" in a registered domain

I’m trying to add guide.nnjz.ml to my account, but I get This domain name is not registered, we can register this domain name for you.

Website URL


(Username: epiz_32092852)

Error Message

(Before pressing the “add” button)

(After pressing the “add” button)

Other Information

Screenshots of Cloud Flare:

(DNS record)

(Domain is active)

I also tried to add duckburnincense.ml, it has a NS record which pointed to ns1.epizy.com, but I got the same error.

I’m tried to add a domain (.ml TLD too) which is already added to Infinity Free long long ago, but it show me this domain is not registered too. Is Infinity Free not allowed to use .ml TLD anymore?

How can I solve it? Thanks.

I’m not a native English speaker, so please excuse my grammar mistakes.

it is a subdomain
and in order to add it (create it on hosting) you must first add the domain here

and NS you have to set on Freenom and not on Cloudflare !

then when you add the domain here (nnjz.ml), you create a subdomain (guide) in the Control Panel under the subdomain section

Cloudflare part


I thought the freenom domains are now kaput !

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So far .ga is affected.
More are expected to go down as well…


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