They say they can't access my DNS records

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They say they can’t access my DNS records

Hello, you were hosting my website called dinology. The site was over afterwards, I wanted to share the site with google. Then google asked for domain verification, I did it from my domain provider, but dns $ (I couldn’t share 2 urls, where I put a $ sign means and $ your nameservers. I need to make or change my txt record can you help or tell me how can I do it? Thanks in advance

You can add TXT records through the SPF tool categorized under “Email”. Hopefully from there the process is intuitive enough for you, if not consult here again.


When I enter my domain provider (godaddy), the records do not appear in the dns section and godaddy support says it is related to hosting (infinityfree). I don’t know what to do. You said to use the SPF tool. I tried from the control panel but it still didn’t work. What do you recommend?

Since you mentioned godaddy, you should use CloudFlare for dns records. It is easy too set up and it helps prevent DDoS attacks.

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if i use it for dns how will i use hosting and i talked to domain providers they told me nameservers are related to hosting and i need to post here can someone help please?

Just follow the guide. Set your nameservers to the ones CloudFlare assigns you. Then, create A records on the apex and www domains pointing to the IP listed in the Client Area.

You need to setup the DNS records with the company that you have your nameservers set to.

If your nameservers are set to and, set the DNS records in the control panel.

If your naemservers are set to GoDaddy, set the DNS records with them

If your nameservers are set to Cloudflare, set the DNS records with them.


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