The site is misleading
help me. when i open my page appear this

It appears that your site has been flagged by Google Safe Browsing. If it is a false positive, you can report the error to Google from here:

The advice shared in this thread also applies:


when I visited your site I got the deceptive site warning and chose to ignore it, your site then redirected me to which im guessing is some sort of parking page

this may be the reason it is being flagged as a deceptive site

That’s because the domain name was removed from the hosting account at the same time this message was posted.

@ArmandoMaciel, if you want help, we’re happy to help you. If you don’t want to bother with this site anymore and want to try something else, that’s fine too. But please don’t ask for help and make us spend effort to check the issue when you’ve already given up and deleted everything.


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