The selected domain is already in use on infinityfree

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The selected custom domain( is already in use on InfinityFree.
I know that this issue is not new and have searched the forums (The selected custom domain is already in use on InfinityFree - #9 by ImadKhan) . Please remove this website from the previous account I have added CNAME record as suggested by the @Admin dmin in the previous posts.

I took a look at the account it’s assigned to, and judging by the names and emails on it and your name and email, it seems that you also own that account.

What is the issue exactly? Don’t you remember signing up before? Do you remember signing up but are you unaware of the email address? Or do you know where the domain is linked to but are you having trouble accessing the account?

Which post are you referring to exactly? I do remember having done validation this way for some user a few years ago, but I don’t remember the details. What exactly did you set up?


So @Admin look, I can’t access to my other account because I have forgotten my recovery key so that’s why I created another account to host my domain in new account, now I want to remove that domain from previous hosting account but as you can see I don’t have access to previous account so I cannot remove it by myself but I have ownership of domain so I pointed my DNS record to the infinityfree. This is my ownership proof, That’s why now I want infinityfree’s team to remove my domain from that previous account so I can host my domain in new account.

For security purposes, only you can remove the domain name from that account. The whole point of 2FA is to protect your account from intruders, and InfinityFree’s staff make no exceptions in bypassing it, and that includes making modifications to the account on bahalf of the owner(s) because they can’t log in.


I wanted to correct you:
While admin probably have no access to client area accounts, he definitely have access to all of the hosting account, which he have showed this ability many times in plenty of posts. And there must be some same occasions that admin removed the domain from a previous hosting account (I’ve seen it once).


Which post?
I believe this would help admin


Yes and that’s why I want admin to remove my domain from my previous hosting account.

I have shared link of one forum there. You can also search my subject title on forum search, you will see admin removed domain from another accounts.

I understand what is 2FA and that’s why I’m not asking admin to give me access to my previous account as I have lost my all access by losing 2FA recovery code. But I have ownership and access to my domain so what I want is to remove domain from my past account to this new account, which I think is the best and appropriate option for all those who lost there 2FA recovery code.

Good luck!!


Yes when @Admin will hear me

I repeat:

If you can sufficiently prove you own the domain name, I can remove the domain from the old account. But I really have no idea what you have setup because the instructions I wrote back then were a one time action for a specific user.

If you say you can prove the domain is yours, then please present that proof. Just saying “I followed the instructions from some post” doesn’t cut it if I don’t know which post or which instructions you’re referring to. CNAME records are a viable way to check domain ownership, but I really have no idea what you set up.

Are you referring to this topic? The selected custom domain is already in use on InfinityFree - #9 by ImadKhan

If I remember correctly, the deciding factor there was that the domain registration was never than the domain assignment, which sufficiently proved the domain was expired and re-registered by someone else. That’s not the case here, so that topic doesn’t apply.


I have set up this record:

Is that correct CNAME Record?
If yes then, please @Admin remove domain from the old account.

Not exactly. It was correct when forum user “gabriele” did the request. The idea was that the value contained the forum name of the person doing to the request to confirm that it was actually you doing the request, not some magic value that everyone should use.

But it seems very unlikely that someone other than you would do this, so I accept it. The domain has been removed from the account.


Thank you @Admin . I’m sorry for the CNAME record mistake but Thank you for removing the domain from old account.

And I think @Admin should suggest this forum post as for those who lost their 2FA recovery code but have ownership of domain so they can use it, I think this post can be useful for them.
Thank you


I actually think that it could become some automatic process. Users could request this on their own, the system will ask them to setup a CNAME record, and boom we are good to go, so they don’t need to ask on the forum. Just don’t know whether there’s an api for removing domains or not.


I think that would take way to much time to develop and test when it will only be used a few times a year :joy:

Also, to correct an earlier point of yours, Admin has access to both client area accounts, and hosting accounts. He is “Admin” after all.


Admin can charge 5€ for all cases when someone loses the 2FA recovery code :joy:
the reason “his time is precious”.

But I saw earlier through whois that the domain belongs to a specific user as well as the given email address and the IP corresponds to the location listed in whois,
but it is definitely better to check because the e-mail address can be hijacked.

@shubhamsawant2417 you should definitely turn ON the whois privacy option @ godaddy


I believe 50€ is more reasonable, as